Fishing Group Charter with Blue Reef

Seven Hills RSL fishing buddies had a great day out fishing on Sunday the 15th of December. We went with Blue Reef Charters, the skipper Adam & deckie Dave really looked after us, they more than earnt their money. The current and sea breeze were at odds with each other making it difficult to get a good drift happening resulting in some monster tangles . I can recommend Blue Reef Charters for anybody wanting a great day out fishing with their friends.

They took us 15 kilometres out off Long Reef in 60 metres of water then hunted reefs all day trying to help us catch some good fish. We caught beautiful Snapper, monster Flatheads, Morwong, Pigfish, Ocean Perche, Pike and a host of other species. I started out recording and photographing the catches for the Seven Hills RSL fishing Club annual competition but the catches were coming in so fast I couldn’t keep up.

We were blessed with perfect weather. The scenery was spectacular. We were out off Harbord, Manly Beach and North Head. It is hard to describe how beautiful Sydney is in the early morning.

On the way home we were treated to spectacular sailing regattas. We all arrived home tired, but happy and relaxed, having enjoyed a great day out.

Roger Covel