Renovation Update / June 2021

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As we continue to grow and redevelop our Club, we understand that there is a lot of curiosity and excitement regarding the renovated areas of the club yet unseen. With that said, we thought we should share a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes to provide insight into how things are progressing.

Alfresco Lounge 1

  • Ceiling sheeting complete
  • Ceiling framing and feature joinery complete
  • Painting to be done
  • Woodtex insulation installed
  • Vertical hardwood timber battens installed
  • Equitone wall cladding installed
  • Roof louvres install progressing
  • Gardens areas to be waterproofed

Alfresco Lounge 2

  • Ceiling framing and feature joinery complete
  • Ceiling sheeting & services fit-off complete
  • Acoustic plasterboard to be painted by a specialist contractor
  • Planter box walls to be waterproofed and then tiled
  • Roof louvres installed around perimeter
  • Equitone cladding installed to alfresco side wall


  • Tiling almost complete
  • Window install complete
  • Corian vanities to be installed


  • Benches and equipment installed
  • Power and water services to be fitted-off


  • Install benches
  • Fridges to be completed

Wheelchair ramp and Stairs

  • Framing for the new wheelchair ramp and stairs to Iron Bark Cafe and Alpha & Co. works in progress

We look forward to introducing the first stage of our renovation to you in late August this year. To stay up to date as our renovation progresses, please continue to visit our website, sign up for our e-newsletter or visit our Club’s Facebook page.